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TerrainWorks: The Future of Applied Watershed Science at Regional Scales

Many federal, state and private organizations have similar and overlapping objectives, questions, and data and analysis needs. In addition, natural resource management is increasingly being applied at large spatial scales (watersheds, national forests, landscapes, states, and regions) involving multiple interacting agencies and partnering stakeholders.

This evolution points to the future of applied watershed science. Learn more about that future. TerrainWorks (NetMap) embraces the future through an initiative that is built upon three key concepts:

Developing Digital Landscapes of uniform data structure with advanced capabilities;
Developing Analysis Tools (NetMap) that work within the Digital Landscape to support the community sharing of tools and knowledge;
Sustaining the system over time through shared, bottom up program maintenance.

The TerrainWorks system of analysis is provided in several formats: 
(1) NetMap Tools  coupled to Digital Landscapes for conducting your own assessments;
(2) Watershed Assessment Packages to economically support management and conservation programs and objectives;
(3) Unique Analyses that provide stakeholders with greater power, flexibility and sustainability ("living analyses".

The system is underpinned by TerrainWorks defining platform: The Digital Landscape

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TerrainWorks Community Science & Technology

A unique and powerful aspect of TerrainWorks (NetMap) is its ability to distribute science and technology, via its Digital Landscapes and Tools, to all participants, thus leveraging ideas, expertise, experience and capital.  A tool built in one geographic location (say Oregon) is immediately shared among all users of NetMap. 

NetMap's networking extends across large areas of the western US, Canada and into Alaska. Join the network of Digital Landscapes and tools. Check current Digital Landscape Coverage. No coverage? We build new.


Check out TerrainWorks Applications

TerrainWorks supports numerous types of applications relevant to natural resources:

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See AGU EOS article on "The Future of Applied Watershed Science at Regional Scales".