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Personalized Hazard Assessments

TerrainWorks Environment Assessments that are Economical and Easy to Understand are Comprised of Three Elements:
1) Directional hazard maps,
2) Compounded (overlapping) hazards and
3) Hazard Neighborhoods.


(1) Easy to Interpret Directional Hazard Maps using the Highest Resolution Digital Data Available. Five examples are provided below:

i) wildfire, ii) flood, iii) landslide, iv) mudflow and v) climate change.


(i) Wildfire:
Wildfire severity and likelihood are analzed at multiple spatial scales targeting individual properties or communities.












(ii) Flooding Risk.






















(iii) Landslide.














(iv) Mudflows.












(v) Climate Change













(2) Compounded Hazards:
Compounded or overlapping hazards refers to the hazards that overlap one another, spatially, that can lead to greater exposure to natural hazards.













(3) Hazard Neighborhoods:










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Note, because of lack of data and an incomplete scientific information, not all hazards will be identified or accurately characterized.