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Agencies, NGOs, universities and consultants have partnered with us to add NetMap's Virtual WatershedsSmart River Networks and Analysis Tools to their projects in a cost-effective way. 


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Projects can encompass:

  • fish habitat typing/modeling
  • mapping floodplains, terraces, and fans
  • channel classification
  • identifying biological hotspots
  • predicting thermal loading and effects of riparian vegetation or management
  • predicting wood recruitment to streams including the effects of forest management scenarios
  • mapping erosion source areas - shallow failures, debris flows, surface erosion, gully, and earthflows
  • delineating levels of risk between habitats and stressors
  • developing sedment budgets (effects of land uses)
  • determining highest risk areas for existing and future roads
  • identifying locations of the highest combined wildfire-erosion risk, and where they overlap sensitive habitats
  • conducting basin assessments/watershed analyses for various objectives including TMDLs, watershed restoration, conservation planning and resource use planning
  • and other potential capabilities


Desktop Watershed Analysis

NetMap provides the digital infrastructure and analysis tools to underpin a “desktop watershed analysis.”

Questions that can be answered using NetMap

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TerrainWorks (NetMap) Applications

TerrainWorks supports numerous types of applications relevant to natural resources: