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NetMap as a Service/Complete Analysis

NetMap as a service involves TerrainWorks building new virtual watersheds (anywhere in the U.S.), upgrading existing ones (incorporating new digital data, such as LiDAR [DEMs]), or running our tools on existing ones to produce analyses and model outputs for a specific geographic area (watersheds, landscapes, states). 

NetNetMap's virtual watershed and smart river networks are customizable and retain flexibility to meet analysis and decision support needs.

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Analysis data can stand alone (in ArcGIS) or be manipulated with NetMap's Quick Tool and comes with extensive online documentation for interpretation and decision support. The full suite of NetMap tools (ArcMap add-in) is provided to users who wish to conduct their own analyses. We build NetMap systems at the scale of large watersheds, landscapes, national forests and states. If needed, see NHD/NHDPlus compatibility.

Improve your mapping & analysis using LiDAR DEMs


NetMap as a Service comes with 30 Different Types of Powerful Analyses

Channel Hydraulic Geometry          Floodplains          Historical Floodplains

Stream Power/Substrate          Sinuosity          Stream Order

Define Fish Habitat          Habitat Quality          Habitat Diversity 

Channel Classification          Subbasin Classification          Beaver Habitat

Thermal Sensitivity          Shade/Thermal Energy          Wood Recruitment

Thermal Refugia          Delineate Riparian Zones          Landslide Potential

Debris Flow Potential          Gully Potential          Surface Erosion, incl. Pre- & Post Fire

Sediment Delivery          Road Drainage Diversion          Road Stability    

Road Surface Erosion/Delivery          Habitat Length above Roads          Roads in Floodplains  

Wildfire Risk Cascade          Climate Change Vulnerability          Identify Highest Priorities



Forestry          Riparian Management          Slope Stability          Roads/Pipelines

Floodplain Mapping          Erosion/Sediment Budget          Fisheries.Bio-Hotspots 

Watershed Analysis          Restoration          Conservation          Urban Planning

Monitoring          Estuary Mapping          Ecosystem Services          Regulatory

Personalized Hazard Assessments           Risk/Insurance          Education

Research          Wildfire-Pre          Wildfire-Post          Climate Change


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