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NetMap DEMO tools download

Here is the Demo Virtual Watershed (western Washington) and full NetMap Tools

Download the DEMO add-in

Download the DEMO NetMap_Files

Download the DEMO training dataset

Download both and see the "Get Started Guide" to learn how to load the ArcMap add-in (10.x), store the data, set environmental variables and load a dataset for use in NetMap. Or see the Get Started Tutorial Video.

Required hardware/software: 64 bit computer, Windows 7, ESRI ArcMap 10.x (Spatial Analyst helpful), and as much Ram as you can muster (at least 4 GB and hopefully more). For detailed terrain mapping, computing power is important!

See the full Technical Help and Table of Contents.

See the Step Wise Guide.

Get in touch with questions, we are here to help.

See the Newest Tools (agencies with "Legacy Tools" and access them with Maintenance subscription, contact us).

Note: For those users running NetMap off of a central server (Citrix), some numerically intensive tools may experience delays and may even cause programs to stall or crash. If experiencing such problems, we recommend running NetMap on users individual computers and hard drives.

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