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NetMap Tools: Conduct Your Own In-Depth Analyses

Get NetMap Tools Coupled to Digital Landscapes

NetMap's advanced tools, consisting of six modules, operates within ArcMap (10.x) as an add-in (DLL). NetMap tools require Digital Hydroscapes  to function. Access NetMap tools and digital hydroscapes.

NetMap tools & digital landscapes are designed for hands-on use by agencies, private sector and NGOs and can provide considerably more power and flexibility compared to our Watershed Assessments.

  • Conduct road analyses including road density, road drainage, road erosion, road stability, habitat above roads etc. using your own road layers
  • Predict thermal loading and effects of riparian vegetation
  • Predict instream wood recruitment, project scale
  • Predict instream wood recruitment, watershed scale
  • Map Floodplains/terraces at multiple elevations above the channel
  • Predict erosion rates and sedimentation
  • Predict surface erosion (land cover, fire severity, post fire burns [BAER])
  • Delineate your own watersheds
  • Import new data layers and route downstream and upstream
  • Make multiple profile graphs
  • Conduct watershed classifications
  • Predict effects of wildfire on erosion, roads and aquatic habitats (pre and post fire)  
  • Analyze intersections of forecasted climate change on wildfire, erosion, river and habitat vulnerability
  • Assess landslide and debris flows risks to homes and highways  
  • Map biological hotspots and the intersection with human activities 

 NetMap tools & Digital Landscapes generate over 100 watershed and river attributes

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What Kinds of Questions Can you Answer?

TerrainWorks supports numerous types of applications relevant to risk mitigation, resource use and conservation:

Check out the Tutorial Videos on the uses of tools and applications!

TerrainWorks (NetMap) reflects an evolution that places considerably more flexibility, control, learning, data distribution and economic efficiency into the hands of users and clients: learn more.

Desktop Watershed Analysis

NetMap provides the digital infrastructure and analysis tools to underpin a “desktop watershed analysis.”

Where have the tools been applied and who is using them: see Projects/Clients.