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TerrainWorks Unique, One of a Kind Analyses

Conventional studies typically involve a written analysis and perhas a few GIS shapefiles; studies can quickly go out of date and more importantly the clients is left with little analytical power.

TerrainWorks conducts studies in unique context of its Digital Landscapes and Analysis Tools. Thus, in addition to a standard consulting report, clients obtain their results embedded within the Digital Hydroscape and have access to the Analysis Tools. This allows all stakeholders associated with projects to have continuing access to powerful tools that can be used to update analyses but also to conduct their own analyses after the original project work is done.

Our unique approach in essense, creates a "living analysis".

In addition to written reports, TerrainWorks bundles the analysis within the Digital Hydroscape and NetMap tools, with the entire package delivered to clients.

Deliverables include:
►Written report
Full Digital Hydroscape
NetMap Analysis Tools

Stakeholders involved with individual projects get access to all four components of a TerrainWorks Analysis in addition to considerable online documentation about the Digital Hydroscape and Tools; see Technical HelpStep Wise GuidesTutorial Videos.

Refer to our projects/clients for the types of analyses we conduct. Also see our publications.